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  • Fly Spot Katowice Poland Katowice Poland (map)


For flyers of all levels, who want to have fun, learn how to get high on heath and boost your progress in the air flow. By the end of this retreat you will know how to fuel yourself efficiently and reduce inflammation, condition your mind and body with yoga and acro-yoga play, and learn how self awareness will make you a better flyer.

Whats included...

  • 5 night accommodation (1 location shared rooms)
  • 3 healthy plant based meals per day
  • 3 hrs flying - coached by spectacular guest coaches (1 on 1 and shared flying)
  • Huck jams
  • 1 on 1 health coaching session
  • Daily nutrition workshops - how to get high on health, fuel efficiency for flying, dropping your guts.
  • 1 on 1 yoga session (specific’s for you!)
  • Daily group yoga classes (flyer specific)
  • Tunnel - Fit workouts
  • Acro-yoga/partner balancing/Thai yoga massage
  • Evening meditation & deep relaxation sessions
  • 5 days of jam packed fun!


Reed Ramage

" and tunnel flying complement each other perfectly. Both offer the opportunity to explore the movement that your body is capable of. Free from the need of excessive amounts of equipment." 

Earlier Event: February 4
Later Event: September 25