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 can only get away for a few hours!?


Diet & lifestyle strategies for action sports athletes.

Can you be ultra focused and excited when flying but feel dissatisfied or bored in other areas of life? Do you “need” caffeine or sugar to get you going in the morning and alcohol or cannabis to chill out or sleep at night? As action sports athletes, our buzz seeking behavior, if unmanaged, can screw with our brain chemistry, hormones and metabolism leaving us feeling trapped by unproductive behaviors, an insatiable crappetite, fluctuating energy and the attention of a squirrel!

In this fun interactive workshop you’ll learn how self awareness is the key to managing your epic lifestyle and how to use food and relaxation practices to cultivate higher states of consciousness and improve your performance in and out of the air flow!

Event - Yoga Wind & Wine

The girls night out that guarantees a little action!

Feeling bored with the daily grind? Bust through the mid-week mundane with a girls night out that will blown your mind! Come get your yoga on and let your thrill seeker out. Power up with some delicious plant-based eats and top it off with a good ol’ glass of vino. Grab the girls or connect with new ones at a girls night out like no other! 


Yoga Wind & Wine happens Wednesday nights @ Airborne Indoor Skydiving San Diego.