Reed Ramage


Born and raised in Australia, Reed grew up exploring the beautiful nature that the country had to offer. Being the son of a yoga teacher he grew up with a respect for the healing qualities of a healthy lifestyle with a focus on Yoga and clean healthy foods. He found skydiving at the age of 17 and quickly booked into an AFF course.

After turning 18, armed with a license and an old Subaru he began to make his way to the dropzone every spare weekend he had. Straight away freeflying grabbed his attention, being inspired by the freedom that this style offered. All the freeflyers around seemed to have one thing in common: Tunnel time. By chance he saw an advertisement on Facebook about the first Wind Tunnel opening in Australia. Only hours before the deadline Reed handed in an application, doubting whether they'd hire someone fresh out of school. He was lucky enough to get the job and became part of the first group of Instructors in Australia. Obsessed from the first moment in the tunnel, he soon realised this was his sport. Free to push yourself to your limits and only limited by your imagination, and maybe the glass walls too... During his time employed at the wind tunnel there were 3 things his life revolved around; clean eating, yoga and exercise, and tunnel flying. 

After coaching around Australia, the US and across Europe, Reed quickly found himself fitting perfectly into the Fusion Flow team. Having seen the benefits of what these retreats support not only in his own life but in the lives of those who have attended these retreats, Reed is committed to the principles that Fusion Flow lives by.

“yoga and tunnel flying complement each other perfectly. Both offer the opportunity to explore the movement that your body is capable of. Free from the need of excessive amounts of equipment.”
— Reed Ramage