Lucie Charping

Lucie is a peak performance health coach, instigator of awareness and plant based chef, who’s mission is to empower people to create a delicious lifestyle they love, and get wickedly high on health! She owns Bodyworx Bodies In Balance, an orthopedic bodywork and peak performance health coaching practice in Oakland, CA and is the founder of Wholey Vegan Kitchen in San Diego, CA where she lives.

With 20 yrs experience, she has worked primarily with extreme sport, elite & Olympic athletes, rehabilitation from injury or surgery, chronic pain, stress, weight loss/management and disordered eating. As an instigator of awareness Lucie has developed and taught workshops in Australasia, USA & Europe in all of her respective fields. Dance is Lucie’s movement and consciousness passion, and she is a professional latin dancer, performer and teacher. Lucie has qualifications in plant-based nutrition, Integrative Health Coaching, Ayurvedic Medicine, holistic nutrition, detox and rejuvenation therapies, Yoga, clinical/advanced bodywork, sport Injury therapies, personal training, kinesiology, Thai massage, tourism and hospitality management and catering.